Nemmadi Kendra gives us no peace, complain citizens


Schools and colleges have long reopened, but students and parents/guardians are forced to continue their month-long trips to the Nemmadi Kendra in the City to receive caste and income certificates.

In rural areas, the issuance takes just about 10 days, but the Kendra in the district headquarters needs more than a fortnight, complain citizens.

Recently, people, waiting at the Nemmadi Kendra near the residence of the district superintendent of police to get their caste and income certificates. intercepted the District in-charge minister Varthur Prakash’s vehicle and complained to him about the inefficient services.

They inadvertently blocked the roads to express their unhappiness over delay in issuance. Varthur, who gave them a patient hearing, called the tahsildar over the phone. The public let the minister go only after he promised them that the tahsildar would address their problems immediately.

Some of the residents in the City expressed their opinions about the matter, in conversation with Deccan Herald.

I applied for the certificates on May 28, but am yet to be issued them. I came from my village three times already, but everytime, the staff at the Nemmadi Kendra told me to come the next day. Although the registration number for the certificates is
given by them when we apply, they say the number is incorrect and they would have to search for the applications.

The system should be cleared of such negligence and irregularities and people should be kept from running from pillar to post to have their work completed.
        - Kempanna, Beglihosahalli

I applied for the certificate in order to enrol for the pre-university course. The staff at the Nemmadi Kendra told me return in 15 days. If we don't submit the certificate at the college while paying the fees, we will not be given any concession in the fees. This will prove problematic for students from poor families. Therefore, the staff at the Kendras should ensure at least students get their certificates as soon as possible.
        - Gangaraj, Student

Village accountants issue the certificates in about barely eight days of receiving the applications. In the Nemmadi Kendra, however, the staff say they are yet to get our applications. People who need the certificates urgently for education or employment purposes have to face a lot of trouble because of this. If they cannot approve of the registration number they themselves have issued, when can they possibly issue us the certificates?
        - Akmal, Mahalakshmi Layout

We need the help of influential persons to ensure we get the caste and income certificates. The staff at the Nemmadi Kendras give the certificates quickly only to people they have a soft corner for or for those who use influence. Otherwise, they give silly excuses like lack of electricity for printing the certificates. How can the Kendras not be provided with any subsidiary means of power supply when it has to issue thousands of certificates?
        - Shashikumar, Kanakanapalya

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