Girl strangled, burnt for family honour

Parents were against her love marriage

A 23-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her parents in Uttar Pradesh’s Raebareli town after she insisted on marrying the man she loved.

After their failure to persuade their daughter Kavita alias Babli to forget her lover, her parents strangled her at their house last Thursday. They  tried to burn the body to destroy evidence and make it look like a suicide.

But neighbours saw smoke emanating from the house and informed police. Police recovered a half-burnt body.

The parents told police their daughter had committed suicide by setting herself ablaze. However, police found traces of blood, which led to suspicion of foul play.

The post-mortem report also confirmed that she was strangled, following which the parents were arrested on Saturday. During interrogation, the family members told they killed her over ‘family honour’.

Kavita, a graduate, was in love with a youth. The two wanted to marry but her parents were against the relationship. “They continued to meet   even after Kavita returned to Raebareli after completing her studies in Agra,” her mother Kamala Devi said.

Kamala said they persuaded her to forget her lover, but she insisted on marrying him. We had no option but to kill her and I have no regrets, Kamala told police. She said Kavita would have fled with her lover if they had not killed her.

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