Comic festival tickles Delhi's funny bone

Comic festival tickles Delhi's funny bone

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Comic festival tickles Delhi's funny bone

Comic lovers and regular cinema goers were in for a treat when the American Centre at Connaught Place organised ‘Comic Fun to Film Festival’ in the city.

The three day film festival got over on Sunday. Showcasing a total of 8 movies, it was organised by American Centre in collaboration with Cinedarbar, event and advertising organising company. The fundamental purpose behind organizing the festival was to combine two art forms- comics and cinema.

 Kinshuk Sidhwani, PR manager for Cinedarbar, shared the story of the festival with Metrolife, “The turnout at the event surprised us. While we thought it would only be attended by young children, the audience was a mix of kids, youngsters and adults.”
From 22 year olds to 44 year olds, many attended the festival, giving way to nostalgia for many adults.

Comic books have always had a reminiscing pull for grown-ups. There has been an increase in the number of movie adaptations”. The figures of Batman and Superman are etched in people’s minds. Through movie adaptation, these heroes visibly perform all the stunts that are only described in the books.  
The American Centre has been collaborating with Cinedarbar for the past two years now for various events. Nitesh, General Secretary of Cindarbar says, “We showcased several documentaries like Retrospective of Alfred Hitchcock, musical film festival and so on at the centre.

Their strong affiliation has been growing successfully.”

“For the comic film festival, many workshops and games were organized for children. Coincidently, the festival fell on Father’s Day. At one of our workshops titled ‘Your Superheroes’ children learnt about character development in the world of comics through superheroes.

Attractions like quizzes, video games and creative workshops were part of the festival. Nitesh adds, “Each of our workshops and games comprised of cash prizes and awards. We announced winners who stood at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.”  
The rights of all the movies showcased were provided by MPA (Motion Pictures Dist Association Pvt Ltd).

For their upcoming events, a major animation convention will be held at the American Centre in September. The dates have not yet been decided. It is an event party for consumers and partly for gadgets and video lovers.