'Beauty of billiards is in long format'

The G Raman Nair handicap billiards tournament is, perhaps, one of the few remaining three-ball events in the country, still following the traditional format, and nine-time world champion Geet Sethi felt the beauty of billiards could be seen in such tournaments.

Just before the World Professional Championship in Ireland last year, the Indian cueists had pulled out of the time format stating that the way forward for the game was the shorter points format, terming it to be more attractive and spectator friendly.

“The G Raman Nair tourney is one of the very few genuine billiards tournaments left in the country,” veteran Sethi said during a press conference at the ECA Club here on Tuesday. “As you’ll are aware we Indians do not play the traditional format on the national and international stage anymore. So, only in such events can fans get to see long breaks which shows the real calibre of the players. It is also where the beauty of billiards can be witnessed.”

Sethi, who is participating in this event for the second time, also felt such events gave an opportunity to aspiring club players to pit their skills against the best. “Such invitational events which attract the top cueists in the country is always good for the sport.

The best part of the event is that it gives an opportunity to fellow club players to compete along with the top cueists. In open tournaments they would hardly get such chances and this inspires them in a big way.”

Meanwhile, B Bhaskar posted breaks of 403 and 404 points as he swept aside VR Sadrangani 150-0 in his Super League Group D encounter that kicked off on Monday.
Super League results (handicap with brackets): On Tuesday: Group A: Vishal Madan (-500) bt Sanchit Sawhney (-250) 150-11. Group D: Bharat Chugh (-250) bt  VR Sadrangani  (-350) 150-0.

On Monday: Group A: V Madan bt Thomas Jacob (-250) 150-105; T Jacob bt S Sawhney 150-138. Group B: Sasha Sambi (-400) bt Nikhil Pise (-250) 150-0; Dhruv Sitwala (-900) bt R Umadevi Nagaraj (-300) 150 (150, 192, 122)-11.
Group C: D Rajkumar (-500) bt Aparjeet Mittal (-300) 150-117; D Rajkumar bt Tapendra (-200) 150-0.

Group D: B Chugh bt V Subramaniam (-900) 50-0; B Bhaskar (-900) bt VR Sadrangani (-350) 150 (119, 403, 404 unf)-0.

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