Trip to Moon for 100m

Trip to Moon for 100m

Space no limit

Trip to Moon for 100m

Wish to travel to the Moon? Shell out £100 million.

A British firm has unveiled plans to send passengers into lunar orbit for a £100 million  fare.The first voyages — aboard Russian shuttles once used to spy on the West — could launch in 2015, Isle of Man-based Excalibur Almaz said.

Until now space tourists have travelled only to the International Space Station and back.According to The Sun tabloid, Excalibur has bought and recycled four re-entry capsules and two space stations from Russian firm NPO Mashinostroyenia.

Customers will first dock with one of the space stations in low-Earth orbit. From there they will be blasted into the Moon’s orbit, taking them 234,000 miles from home.

The flights, which could last eight months, will then continue into space, taking them further from Earth than achieved before.

The firm — whose Isle of Man home is rated the world’s fifth most - likely place to man the next mission to the Moon — drew crowds by displaying one of its vessels in Westminster, London.