Stay cool, get toned, with aqua aerobics!

Stay cool, get toned, with aqua aerobics!


Hit the pool this season. Get in shape, with aqua aerobics, suggests Shaili Dhagat

Now is the time to exploit the cooling effect of the water. Go on, the swimming pools of most cities, including the capital, are full of people splashing around! The cooling effects of a good swim are no secret. But the miracles of water are less known of. Water therapy is actually useful in all forms of healing. Through the ages, water has been identified with magic, spiritual aspirations and healing to defeat age and death. While the use of water as a therapy is not new, modern science is now viewing it in a different way. Water attracts a lot of attention — it can relax, stimulate, relieve pain, heal and purify the body internally and externally. You can walk, jog, run in water, all of which strengthen quadriceps, hamstrings and glutei as well as develop cardio-respiratory fitness. It further enables you to burn more calories much more efficiently.

According to Bhupesh Choudhary, a physical fitness and swimming instructor at Aqua Point, a swimming coaching centre in West Delhi, who is promoting the benefits of water therapy in a big way, “Performing simple activities such as walking, running, dancing and swimming are defined as doing aerobic exercises. When such activities are performed in water, it is called aqua aerobics. We have many people who come in to our centre with joint pains, lower back pain and cervical problems. Abroad, there are special pools with about three feet of water, which are best suited for aqua aerobics. Over the past two years, this form of exercise has picked up in India as well. It is essentially performed in shallow waters and works wonders to relieve pain.”

There are several techniques being used as a tool to break down human discomfort. Aqua aerobics utilises the benefits of water which, by conduction, carries either cold or heat to the body. While warm baths are recommended for relaxation, hot baths are good for relieving pain from arthritis, rheumatism and spondylitis. Aerobics in water makes you fit in the overall sense and is an enjoyable experience as well. 

Douglas David, who has been a swimming instructor for the past 22 years, runs David Swimming Academy, in South Delhi. He says, “Water aerobics conforms to individual needs, restrictions and abilities. As you perform aqua aerobics, you will remain cool as water cools you as you exert. This is one reason why this form of exercise is more popular in hot weather. Water causes one’s body to be buoyant, thus taking care of stress on the joints and muscles. It has helped several patients of arthritis, spondylitis and joint pains by a series of exercises in the swimming pool. Underwater exercises are also perfect for women who are overweight, elderly or those recovering from muscular or skeletal injuries. 

Water resistance is the key to these exercises. Such resistance regulates your own speed. In India, aqua aerobics is yet to pick up in a big way, but people are surely discovering its benefits gradually.  So as you head for the pools this time of the year, keep in mind that, apart from being the best possible drink, water is also the greatest healer. Cheers to this natural drink!

Benefits of aqua aerobics

* Increases your stamina

* Improves the capacity of your heart, lungs and circulatory system

* Helps you lose weight and inches and stay your ideal weight

* Contributes to healthier looks and gives you a glowing skin

* Promotes discipline so you can set goals and reach them

* Makes you stronger, coordinated, flexible, peaceful and energetic

* Reduces headaches

* Trims your waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, ankles, upper arms and abdomen

* Improves diet and burns fat and calories

* Makes you feel radiant, healthy and on top of the world!

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