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Last Updated 23 June 2012, 17:12 IST

The world is moving on a fast pace with development in technology. But, people are still interested and are curious to know more about their future and find solution to their problems through astrology.

Here is a new and advanced level of explanation about various zodiac signs, which have been given form through paintings by Jamuna Rani V Mirle at Shringeri Sri Shankara mutt.

Ability to rule, brave nature, love towards animals, seriousness towards work, ability to think and act, slow and focused thoughts are a few qualities of a person with a Scorpion 3rd Dreshakkana zodiac sign.

All these qualities are shown in a painting with the body of a lion and face of tortoise and a few other animals around it in a dense forest.

The visitors find several such paintings and explanation for each and every zodiac sign.

Every 10th degree of a zodiac sign is called ‘Dreshakkana Devathe’. Every zodiac sign has three Dreshakkana Devathes. These Devathes vary within the zodiac sign.

They have the ability to tell about sickness, diseases, theft and can also help to calculate the future of a person depending on the zodiac sign.

Jamuna Rani has chosen painting with an aim to convey the real science and facts about astrology — basically zodiac signs. The paintings are a blend of many paintings and given the form of modern art. So they are unique, she says.

The qualities of all zodiac signs have been given shape through paintings, after a detailed study of line drawings, reference books, shlokas, mythological books, etc.

The art took her two years, she adds.

(Published 23 June 2012, 17:12 IST)

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