Be like a baby to tread spiritual path

Sometimes people come to the spiritual path when they have some disappointment. This is not the case for all, but usually it is such.

However, the fact is that every child is born with spiritual knowledge and as you grow up, you start losing that. Yogi is becoming a baby again. Getting in touch with your pure essence.

Just look at a baby from the time it is born, to the age of 3, and they will teach you everything. But you have to observe them everyday for all the three years.

The way they breathe, the way they smile. They feel so connected with everybody. It is we who corrupt children and spoil their naturalness. Normally, 90% of the time children exhibit these qualities of a yogi.

Everyone has child-like qualities in them. Not childish but child-like. Everyone seems to be one’s own. Ego, any kind of self-identity that one has, gets dissolved.

A baby smiles, cries and radiates love from every cell of the body. You can read a lot of books, write volumes on love, but if, in your vibrations, love does not show up, it is all no good. Your dog or baby at home, will tell you what love is with one look, with all its heart, and then you know what love is. So love is in the presence.

This is indication of a yogi – He/She speaks through existence.

That is why a baby is superior than a monk. An ascetic has an ego, “I have renounced the whole world.” But a child has not even grasped the world yet, let alone renounce.

If you ask a baby, or a small child of 3 years of age, what they want. They will look at you and say “nothing”. As a child we were in that state of joyfulness. Our actions were expressions of joy. And that is why a yogi, never says or wishes a bad word to anybody at any time. As a baby you had only this tendency. That is all they do.

Once a devotee asked a swami, “What is the point of saying divine names, singing, chanting? I can just as well say donkey or something else.” The swami didn’t say anything. The next day, he scolded that devotee and said, “Your father is a donkey.” And continued scolding him.

Immediately the devotee got red and angry and said, “How dare you say such things.” Then the Swami said, “When I called your father is a donkey, that one word has produced such an effect on you then why do you think that good words will not produce any effect?” So there is a value to the word.

Wisdom is cleansing our presence, not just our words. It makes you happy from within.

A yogi and a baby may not have much intellectual knowledge, yet they are better than an ascetic, better than a scholar, because they are united with the existence, and with the divinity. And if you understand this, you are the

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