'Tattoo Rishi' to vie for Prez post

 Adding to the Presidential election drama is Har Prakash, popularly known as tattoo man of the country, who announced on Sunday that he will file the nomination papers for the polls on June 26.

“Guinness Rishi”, 70, claims that he has tattoos of flags of over 200 countries, maps of 185 country, 165 mini flags and 2,985 characters.

“I will add the tattoos of the party which supports me in the Presidential poll,” Rishi said.

Rishi claims he holds 22 Guinness World records, that includes making the longest will in the world - a whopping 489 pages, delivering a pizza from New Delhi to San Francisco, and, of course, carrying the highest number of tattoos on his body. Rishi, however, has kept his back “clean” for a special tatto.

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