A perfect balance of activities and studies

Last Updated 25 June 2012, 13:49 IST

The CMR Group of Institutions believe in tempering fun with a certain amount of seriousness that academic pursuits entail.

The authorities here are strict. There’s no monkeying around when it comes to attendance and academics must be nothing less than perfect.

The first-year degree students of CMR College from BBM, BCom, BSc and BCA streams were taken through a presentation about the college and its culture. The college is known for disciplining its students and those who study here swear that the coaching is among the best in the City.

Metrolife took time off to chat with the management about its vision for the students and also asked a couple of students at CMR Institute of Management about the institution and what that they liked the most about it.

The management wishes to offer its students nothing but the best and mould them into wholesome individuals by the time they are ready to leave the campus.

K C Ramamurthy, chairman CMR Group of institutions says that he always emphasises that the students not only be made academically sound but be trained to face challenges with conviction.
“We focus on training our students to face real life situations and be closely connected to society and its problems. They will not only learn how to react to growing problems but will be encouraged to contribute rather productively to society,” says Ramamurthy.

He further reasons that CMR, being autonomous institution, “the students will have the opportunity to go beyond the syllabus with most advanced learning methods. We want to produce young people who will be an asset to the organisation they work for,” he adds.

There were among the students those who had done their pre-university in the same institution and were already familiar with the place. They were glad that they found their set of friends.
The newer ones didn’t take too long to find like-minded people and they got along pretty well.
Varsha, first year BCom says she chose the college not only for the variety of courses it offers but also for its extracurricular activities.

“It’s important to study and intersperse it with the right amount of cultural activities,” she reasons.  Most of the students say that they would make an effort to balance academics with sports and other activities. “This balance is what helps one perform better.

The college offers a lot of exposure in this regard and the coaching I am told is among the best,” says Akshay, from first year BBM.  

Neha, another first year BCom student has learnt dance and she says, “I am looking forward to joining the dance team in college.”

(Published 25 June 2012, 13:49 IST)

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