Brazilian treat for Indian fans

Pianist Loraine Maria Ferla’s concert held listeners spellbound.On June 23, India International Centre, played host to the Brazilian pianist, Loraine Maria Ferla Balen Tattoo. One the most famous pianists in Brazil Loraine played numerous pieces portraying myriad of emoti­ons such as love, angst, survival, piousness, generosity, liberation, sensuality and manymore.

Each performance lasted for 7-10 minutes after which the pianist would get up take a bow but the applaud would continue long after the performance had got over. Organised by Delhi Music Society in association with the Embassy of Brazil, the show was an unqualified success.

The auditorium was jam packed with the audience filling the hall till its door. Piano lovers seemed to have go into a trance that was created by the pianist’s compositions. Honorary secratory of Delhi Music Society, Surojit Banerjee, spoke about their collaboration. “The purpose of Delhi  Music Society was to present Western Classical music through different instrumental players. For instance, we had a guitar recital two weeks ago.”

Loraine for her special evening out played some light compositions influenced by the music of Villa Lobos, Brazil’s most acclaimed composer. A piano recital has a capacity to induce heavy and intense compositions but Loraine seems to have captured the very pulse of the Indian audience. Said the pianist after the recital, “I try to comprehend the emotional response of the audience and attempt to give them the kind of compositions which they wish to hear.”

Her solo performance sent out a reverberating energy in the room leaving the audience asking for more. The music was an amalgamation of AmerIndian, Portuguese and Africa’s colonial music. It has evolved through time and is associated with deep sentiment, passion and joyousness.
The concert witnessed a substantial presence of Brazilians who are now based in Delhi. Roberto Tagha, who works with the World Bank is a fan of classical Brazilian music, was highly impressed with the artist, “I absolutely love Brazilian classical as it is influenced by folklore.”

According to Saurabh Malhotra a guitarist, “What I liked the most was that she presented a balanced performance. She played every piece with ease not repeating an emotion twice. The music was definitely a little hatke from the Indian Classical music. It was an unusual and unique musical treat for the Indian audience.

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