Right as rain!

Right as rain!

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Right as rain!

Cut down the flare of your trousers during the monsoon. Getty Images

Every time the rains strike the city, most people start dressing...errr... shabbily. Even the usually well-dressed person hates stepping out into the downpour that leaves hair straggly, makeup runny and designer threads ruined. However, not even the real fear of pencil heels leaving you stuck in the slush or the high level of humidity spoiling your hairstyle should tempt you to raid your wardrobe for the stuff that growing mouldy in there!

Spoilt by the fabulous weather which Bangalore is blessed with, I often wonder how Mumbai, with its muggy weather, manages to be the fashion capital of India. And if that isn’t enough, London, with its unpredictable weather, has some of hottest fashion designers, trends and impeccably dressed celebrities. Perhaps, all we need to do is cultivate our “chic sense”.

Sweep it up
Gouri Kapoor, popular hair and makeup artist, has some tips. “Hair, during the monsoons, is best tied into ponytails. Serum is a great way to tame frizzy hair,” she declares.
As for makeup in the monsoon, she suggests that you skip the foundation altogether to avoid the streaked and patchy look. “Even a a waterproof foundation will clog the pores. Concealers and cream blushers are a better bet. Use water proof mascara but no kajal,” she warns.

Mule magic
Leather, we know, is a big no-no when it comes to footwear in the rain. What you need is a good stylish set of shiny black boots which are made to protect feet from inclement weather.

They are waterproof and usually made from either rubber or any other equivalent like Gore-tex. Do not opt for knee-high boots. They are so out of fashion. To flaunt your rain boots even in winter, choose a pair that has inner liners of flannel or any other warm material. If your boots don’t have high heels, don’t worry — flat shoes are equally hip today.

Rubber mules, floaters and flip-flops are great for casual wear.  Many international sports brands have introduced mules and floaters in a variety of cheerful colours and funky styles. It would also be fun to match your umbrella to them.

Colourful and chic
Treat the umbrella as a fashion accessory. Dump those ugly folding ones that look like some weird gadget from the eighties! Your umbrella should be tall enough to reach your waist. A soaked jacket will never fit right again, and if salt water gets into your shoe threads, you will always have trouble polishing them in the future.  Keep one umbrella at work, and one by the door of your apartment and perhaps a third in the car.

Cut down the flare of your trousers — the slim and straight cut was always more flattering. This is the season for capris. Choose either balloon-shaped capris or those with draw strings. Finish with a glossy jacket.
Save all for your beautiful white starched clothes for sunny weather. Not only will the slush from the streets ruin them, but starching them under overcast skies isn't going to be an easy task.

The sari is the most difficult outfit to carry off in this weather. You can’t drape it high, and yet you can’t allow those beautiful borders to be ruined by the slush. But if you must wear a sari, then choose blended cottons and silks or polynylons. Team them with lycra cholis. Choose colours like navy, purple or rust since they won’t look dirty even after a dunking in the downpour.

If you must dress to impress, choose dresses with a classic cut with hemlines ending just at the knee. Dresses should look simple yet chic. Choose island colours like blues, greens and yellows. The rains are really a reason to rejoice. So step right out…in style.

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