Filmi Fundas

Filmi Fundas

London jinxed for Nargis 

Poor Nargis. She feels she is not destined to visit London. Everytime she plans a trip, it gets cancelled. And mind you this hasn’t happened once or twice but five times repeatedly. And this despite of completing all legal formalities and obtaining the visa.
A friend of Nargis revealed, Nargis had planned a holiday to London recently. This was going to be her first visit to the place. But an important family occasion came up and she had to cancel her trip at the last minute.”
The second time round Nargis signed a film called Kushti and had to call off her travel plans to the UK as she had to begin shooting for the film. “The third time,” the friend continued, “Nargis was to fly to London for a film shoot. This time she felt sure that nothing would come in the way as it was a professional commitment. But the shoot got cancelled at the last minute because the unit had not taken the required permissions. This incident left Nargis completely baffled.” The friend added, “Nargis has family in London running a restaurant business. They invited her over. Just a day before her take-off, Nargis fell ill and could not make it.”
Wait there’s more. The premiere of Nargis’ recently released Morning Walk was to be in London. But as luck would have it, it never
“Nargis feels that London is jinxed for her. She has now planned a trip to Greece,” said the friend. Well the only thing we can say is better luck next time, Nargis.

Fighting fate?

Even though most films with the lead actor in multiple roles have been damp squibs at the box office, Priyanka Chopra is quite upbeat about playing 12 roles in the film, What’s Your Raashee?
But the editor of a trade magazine, Vikas Mohan says, “Audiences reject films where stars do multiple roles. Films with established actors like Sanjeev Kumar and Kamal Hassan have proved this trend in the past. The reason is that audiences find no consistency in the roles. When they see 12 characters being played by the same star, the audiences can’t connect to them. “Unmein interest khatam ho jata hai.
Generally stars do multiple roles to prove their versatility. But the films don’t run.”

Centre of attention

A leading Italian designer styled Abhay Deol’s suit at the Venice Film Festival that screened Dev D there. An eye witness said, “Abhay looked dashing as ever. What added to Abhay’s charm and glow was his eye catching performance in the film. Dev D
received a ten minute standing ovation at the festival. It was a sight to watch,” said the witness.
Abhay was the centre of attention as the star got invited to Jager De Coulter party that takes pride in having only the crème de la crème as its invitees. Abhay was bestowed with gifts at the event. “An international brand presented him with their latest collection of silver ring and pendant. Abhay never expected this kind of warm welcome. It was a touching moment for him,” said a friend of Abhay.
The Italian edition of an international magazine also featured the Bollywood star in it. He was one of the few actors selected at the festival to be photographed and featured in the magazine. “Abhay’s performance in Dev D had created waves at the festival. It is for the first time that an Indian actor has been selected among other talented actors from all over the world. For Abhay it was an honour,” said a source close to Abhay.

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