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PDF editor

»PDF files are popular, but it takes dedicated software to create, edit and even read them. PDFescape, an online tool, makes this software requirement go away.  With just a recent internet browser and an active internet connection, you can read PDF files, rotate and zoom them, select text and copy content to your clipboard, search, save, download, print PDF documents and so on.

You can even encrypt PDF contents using a password and sign PDF documents using a scanned signature. http://www.pdfescape.com

Check malware

»Jotti's scan is a free online service to make sure your files are free of any malware. Once you upload a file, it uses the services of several well-known anti-virus engines to scan it.
There is a 25MB limit per file. Even if you run a good anti-virus program, many malware may slip through undetected. It always helps to be a little extra cautious if you have a suspicious file. http://virusscan.jotti.org/en
(Contributed by Hara P Nayak)

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