'Our style of play is effective'

Midfielder Andres Iniesta says Spain are not going to change their style and believes the lack of entertainment in their games is due to opponents setting out purely to defend against the world champions. 

Spain's performance against France in their 2-0 quarterfinal win was viewed in many quarters as lacking in attacking intent with their possession football failing to provide much in the way of a spectacle. 

But Iniesta says their short-passing possession game, which has brought a European Championship and World Cup triumph, won't be abandoned. 

“We have our own style, our own game which has brought us success. We have won two trophies with this style but any opinions are valid and I respect them,” he said.

“This is the method that brought us success -- we can't forget that a few years back, we changed the history of Spanish football nor can we forget the way that we did it,” he said.
 Iniesta suggested the lack of excitement was largely to do with the way opponents have clammed up against Spain. 

“Once you have a team that attacks but you attack against a closed defence of an opposition who don't leave you spaces, of course it is not as attractive as an open match with two teams that want to win,” he said. 

But the Barcelona wide-man rejected the notion that criticism showed a lack of respect for Spain's achievements. 

“No. Football is great in this respect, not everyone likes the same thing, not everyone can agree on everything,” he said.

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