Land grab shrinks Raja Kaluve to 10-feet

Following complaints of encroachment of the Raja Kalauve of the Palar river, survey officials, councillor Shivanna and GP member Dasharathan inspected the area at BEML Nagar, near KGF, on Tuesday.

During the inspection, the officials found that about 25-foot of the canal is encroached by a religious institution to run a lodging facility. The officials have marked the actual boundary and placed a huge stone as an indication of it.

The two-km canal that runs from Palar Nagar in BEML Nagar to Krishnavarm tank is 60-foot wide, originally. But the actual width of the canal has been narrowed down to a mere 10-foot now, thanks to encroachment, over the years.

The area where the canal runs between BEML Nagar and Doddur Karapanahalli (on its way to Krishnavaram tank) is a habitat of endangered Black Bucks, as it provides major water source to them.  
But the rise of the real estate mafia has led to the encroachment of the canal. Even religious institutions and educational institutions have not legged behind in illegally occupying the canal space.

Lack of vigilance by officials helped the real-estate business flourish, it is said. Rampant encroachment has shrunk the canal, depriving Black Bucks of their source for water.

Black Bucks that come in search of water to residential areas have fallen prey to straydogs, said councillor Shivaprasad Naidu.

ZP member Narayanamma observed that unless these encroachments are cleared people living nearby areas, especially in low-lying area, will have a tough time during the rainy season. The survey will help in clearing encroachment, she added.

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