What's The Buzz

What's The Buzz

Robot replicas may replace humans

The report says that the UK ministry of information technology will soon see the development and sale to the public of mechanical representations of humans, called ‘surrogates’, which are operated through mind control.

It says that the UK population will be cajoled by a huge public marketing campaign into purchasing their own surrogate and a special operating device — called a ‘Stim Chair’ — that they attach themselves to in the safety of their own home.

The mind pattern impulses sent through diodes on the ‘Stim Chair’ then activate the individual ‘surrogates’ who take to the streets to tackle the day-to-day grind of the individual. The startling technological advance will be billed to the UK as a necessary step in an increasingly violent and terrorist-threatened world.

Binge drinking weakens immunity
Binge drinking can weaken body’s ability to fight off infections for at least 24 hours afterwards, finds a new study. Stephen Pruett, Mississippi State University, and Ruping Fan, Louisiana State University, focused their study on the effect of heavy drinking on toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), a protein that has an important role in immune system activation.

Previous research has shown that too much alcohol inhibits the body’s production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which are signalling molecules that launch the inflammatory response to infection. The new study conducted over mouse model has confirm that acute alcohol exposure prevents the body from producing certain key pro-inflammatory cytokines.

MS introduces visual search
Software giant Microsoft has introduced visual search for its search engine Bing.com, in order to further set itself apart from market leader Google. According to a report, the new feature will let users browse results using pictures instead of text. Visual search will concentrate on four main areas: travel, health, leisure and shopping. “The whole concept is that the world of search is going to change,” said Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi.

“There will be a more graphic way people will search, and it will pivot how people search,” said Mehdi, the firm’s senior vice president of online services. Microsoft also claimed that ‘Visual Search’ allows users to conduct certain searches faster than the traditional image search offered by rival Google and other search engines.

Vaccine for urinary infections
A simple vaccine may soon be available to protect against urinary tract infections, thanks to researchers from University of Michigan. The study conducted over mice showed that the vaccine prevented infection and produced key types of immunity. It alerts the immune system to iron receptors on the surface of Escherichia coli bacteria that perform a critical function allowing infection to spread.

Administered in the nose, it induces an immune response in the body’s mucosa, a first line of defence against invading pathogens. The response, also produced in mucosal tissue in the urinary tract, should help the body fight infection where it starts.