Why mattresses matter


Mattresses can actually make an impact on your health. Using the right one to sleep is vital. The market has a plethora of options that you can explore before you make the right choice, writes  Bindu Gopal Rao

for Stress-free sleep Spring Air has recently launched a series of Europedic combination mattresses in India.

After state-of-the-art technology has made its entry into your living room and kitchen, it is now time to bring in a revolutionary mattress, which not only will improve your health but also upgrade your lifestyle. Spring Air has recently launched a series of Europedic combination mattresses in India.

Made from memory foam, among the most advanced materials in the line-up of comfort bedding, this is equipped with the most celebrated NASA technology. The new line combines cutting edge technology with company’s approach of using hand craftsmanship to fit individual sleep needs. Springfit has also introduced its technologically advanced premium pocketed spring mattresses Ortholife.

The all-new Spine Fit Mattrezzz from Nilkamal is designed to circumvent back problems and soothe back pain. It has a firm base of coir with a top layer made of scientific memory foam which automatically adjusts to the contours of one’s spine, promising to deliver you that peaceful sleep.

Spine fit is made with superior texture tapestry which ensures longer life and sturdiness. Magniflex, is a 100 per cent made-in-Italy mattress that uses the best in the world memory foam technology and are certified for absence of any harmful substance being used.

Peps Double Decker is positioned as an ultra-luxury mattress. The mattress is crafted with the revolutionary Talalay latex foam which has the ability to suit anybody’s body curves, therefore allowing weight to be evenly distributed and thus eliminating the existence of pressure points when you sleep. The knitted fabric used is an ultra-lush Rayon yarn which is moisture absorbent and fire resistant, sanitised for dust mites and anti-bed bugs.

The Peps Vivah mattress is built with a lot of independent springs that have their own pockets of textile encasing them and are connected with polyester glue to damp out the transmissions of vibration. The pocketed springs distribute the right tension over the surface of the entire mattress in such a way that when a couple share the bed, this mattress will support both of them individually, giving them ample support from head to toe.

Health factor

The mattress you sleep on can have therapeutic benefits. “What distinguishes the Europedic range from the conventional range of mattress is the feature of temperature sensitive and pressure relieving memory foam material, which is sandwiched with Ultra Cell High Density Foam to give the customers promising comfort encapsulated with therapeutic properties.

All materials used in this mattress are anti-bacterial, temperature and pressure sensitive,” says Ashok Sharma, CEO, Spring Air India and Middle East. Ortholife uses triple zone technology, i.e. three different zones with different concentrations of pocketed springs that support the natural S shape of spine.

These varying concentrations of pocket springs provide support to head, body and feet, helping to ease out the pressure on heavy parts like the lower back while gently supporting the rest of the body.

Anand Nichani, Managing Director, Polyflex Enterprise adds, “Magniflex mattresses are made of a combination of three types of polyether; memoform magnifoam, eliosoft and elioform.

Eliosoft/elioform gives relative rigidity to the mattress while memoform magnifoam takes the shape of body contours thus improving resistance and non deformability. Special fabrics like ‘Outlast’, a NASA developed fabric which thermo regulates body temperature to provide a micro-climate around the body for uninterrupted sleep, ‘Coolmax’, a DuPont textile, which helps in reducing body humidity so that there is less perspiration during sleep. OEKO Tex certifications guarantee absence of toxic chemical substances in the mattress, thus making it safe to use.”

According to Shankar Ram, Joint Managing Director Peps Industries, “These luxury spring mattresses along with memory foam or latex foam conform to anybody’s body curves, therefore allowing weight to be evenly distributed, and thus eliminating the existence of pressure points when you sleep.  These mattresses take the body profile and thereby give great comfort.

Unlike other mattresses, spring mattresses are breathable thereby no stink or odour is emitted from the mattress.”

Choosing right

Selection of the right mattress is equally important for sleep, comfort and body support. A right mattress should provide back support and comfort to the body. It helps to buy a mattress that can provide support for the natural curves and alignment of spines. The right amount of back support also helps the patient avoid muscle soreness in the morning. Look for a mattress which gives proper support to your back and keeps the body contour in the ‘S’ shape.

It is not mandatory for a mattress to be firm or too soft, the mattress should provide proper support to every part of the body for comfort.

G Sivaram, Chief Marketing Officer (Mattress Division), Nilkamal Ltd. advises, “Mattresses are available in different sizes: twin, queen, king and single. Select the mattress depending on the size of the cot. Rest on the mattress to confirm whether it is comfortable or not.

“Select a mattress only after you experience the comfort. Roll from the centre of the mattress to the edges to see if the support is the same at all points and check if the mattress has extra support around the edges. If you suffer from back pain, select a mattress that offers proper orthopaedic support.

Invest in the best quality mattress that you can afford – you will be spending one third of your life on it. Look at the warranty. Companies with reputed brands offer the right quality product with a guarantee and a warranty. Guarantee/warranty becomes void if the mattresses get stained or soiled.”

Adds Nichani, “the customer should basically look into two major aspects while selecting a good mattress.

“A mattress should provide enough cushioning so as to make a person comfortably snug while sleeping. A mattress should also be able to provide good support with the initial cushioning. This is the optimal combination for a good mattress. Overall, the mattress should have good longevity, at least 10 years of warranty.” Choose right and sleep tight.

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