Plus-size women in fashion


Many shops these days are stocking fashionable clothes for ‘plus-size’ women as well

It used to be that everywhere you went you’d see shop windows displaying stick thin mannequins wearing the latest fashion outfits. But why can’t shops imagine women in fuller sizes? Well, nowadays many shops are featuring ‘real’ shaped mannequins and even featuring a separate section for ‘plus-size’ women.

Larger women’s clothing is often difficult to find and not a many outlets stock these. However, those who even do, have a very limited range. No wonder plus-size women have always had something to complain about.

Now, there are hundreds of pages on the internet dedicated to the larger sizes and more and more recognised designers are starting to incorporate size XXL in their collection.

Deepika Govind, a celeb designer, terms the ‘plus-size’ phrase as demeaning. “I never encourage healthy women to go specifically for plus-size clothes. I tell them to pick clothes from the existing merchandise. Why tell them that they are fat? Even healthy women can look good and be stylish.” Further, she adds some dos’ and don’ts for ‘healthy women,’ “They should go for darker colours like blue, green, black and thinner stripes. They can also opt for malmal and chiffon in terms of fabric.”
Plus-size women’s fashion has become so popular that there are stores committed to just stocking plus-sized clothes.

The best thing about this is that the choice in styles, colours and fabrics has increased dramatically and the demand for larger sizes has never been so well received. One such designer duo is Manu and Mamta Rawal of Bella Ragazza. They dedicate one whole collection for plus-size women and have suggestions for the women who are looking to revamp their wardrobe. “Kurtis teamed up with smart trousers are a hit for office wear.

Also one can go for loose nice semi-formal shirts with trousers. In terms of Indian wear, anarkali lehengas are the best as they cover the whole body. Also, in western wear, one can go for a flared camouflage long gown for a party. In casuals wearing a nice spaghetti top with vibrant colour shrugs of different patterns look best on plus-sized women.”

Healthy women have many problem areas in their body and often do not know how to hide them in a manner to look thinner. Looking into the matter, designer Gautam Gupta says, “One should always see the problematic area and then decide to choose clothes as there are some women who are heavy from top while some are heavy around the waist.

They should negate their problematic areas by not wearing something very tight or having big prints on it or having horizontal detailing.”
On the other hand, Parul Grover, a designer suggested some ‘don’ts’ for plus-size women. “Fruit colours are a strict no no for them as it adds volume to the body. They should also not go for fabrics like tissue.”

In the era of size-zero, thanks to our very own Kareena Kapoor, these women having fuller bodies are often in a state of depression due to their weight issues. They are always fighting with their mind and soul because of their looks and figure. Often the world forgets that a healthy body is happy body!

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