Small hands at work

Little Chefs

Children taking part in reality shows is not something new. Be it singing, presenting stand-up comedy or even dancing, they have done it all on television.

In ‘Junior MasterChef Australia’, children aged between eight to 12 had cooked some of the most complicated dishes as well.

But here’s the most unnerving part — they cook and behave like adults. With absolutely nothing childlike about them, it’s almost impossible to believe that they are just kids.

At the same time, it makes one wonder what if such a show has an Indian version? Can one imagine Indian kids doing the same? Devraj, a professional, feels that a show like the ‘Junior MasterChef Australia’ would not work with Indian kids. “Most Indian kids are trained to focus on studies rather than cooking in the kitchen. So getting participants to make high-end dishes like that in ‘Junior MasterChef Australia’ would be a task in itself,” he adds.

Vaibhav, an entrepreneur, feels that the format may not work at all in India. “Not all Indian kids are trained in the kitchen unless circumstances push them into it. The culture is very different here, parents rather have their kids study than cook,” he adds. 

Jahnavi, a third-year law student, feels that if a show like this comes to India, then the girls are surely going to outdo the boys when it comes to participation. “I’m not sure if parents would encourage the sons to participate, because unfortunately cooking competitions are still considered to be a woman’s job in India. Moreover, the judges in other kids’ shows here tend to be condescending and demoralising while interacting with children, which could lead to harmful consequences,” she adds.

Many feel that if there is an Indian version of the show, it would be boring as there would be nothing new to offer on the table. Manisha, a science student, feels that it’s completely okay if it comes to India. “I feel if a child is interested in cooking, there is nothing wrong in taking part in a show like ‘Junior MasterChef’. But only as long as they are able to conduct the competition in a healthy way,” she adds.

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