A dash of colour this monsoon


It’s time to pull pretty slippers out of closets and add a hint of colour to one’s ward­robe this monsoon. The shops are flooded with various kinds of colourful clothes and foo­t­wear, which not only make one look stylish but also offer protection from the rains.

Rubber flipflops, which can be seen ev­erywhere in the markets, are funky, affordable and comfortable — practically custom-ma­de for the rains. They’re tough enough so that moisture doesn’t wear them out and are so col­ourful that they can be tea­med with all kinds of clothes.

“The flipflops are very much in fashion and are available in bright colours. They cost around Rs 200. They are very much in demand and are fit for the monsoon. Customers mainly look for bright colours and the latest designs and we have to keep up with the demand,” says Runu Jha, a shopkeeper in Lajpat Nagar.

Though they are extremely handy and available in almost all shops, there is a big question mark on their longevity. “These slip-ons don’t last very long and tear within two to three months. They can be used on a daily basis, however. They are very comfortable and good for the rains. The patterns and the designs that they are available in are very attractive and one can easily match them with their outfits,” adds Sonia, a student.

“Though these slip-ons are very comfortable and handy during the monsoon, they don’t last very long. However, as they are priced at low rates, it’s affordable,” says Roni Matthew, a student. More interesting are the colourful mobile covers available in various shapes. These can be made of plastic as well as other waterproof material.

Affordable and attractive, they have tiny cartoon characters, floral patterns or even mixed textures on them. “This is a monsoon special and the stock is fresh. There is a huge demand for these protective mobile covers and they are available in various shapes and colours. There are many who are buying branded ones but all those who can’t afford them are coming to us. We have a better stock and it is available at affordable prices,” says Aslam, a shopkeeper in Ghaffar Market.

Along with the rubber flipflops, thinner slippers are also popular and the best thing to wear during the rain. Like last year, the trend is to flaunt more colours and these rubber slippers add a dash of colour to any wardrobe. Available in bright colours, they are comfortable and don’t burn a hole in one’s pocket, as they are priced between Rs 150-200. The markets are well-equipped to make this monsoon colourful and the city-dwellers are making most of this.

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