Srinivaspur farmers test their destiny, resort to tomato cultivation

Srinivaspur farmers test their destiny, resort to tomato cultivation

Ryots consider it as a lucky crop and have resorted to cultivating it again

Tomato saplings in great demand at the nurseries in Srinivaspur, Kolar district. DH photo

Infact, the farmers here consider it as a lucky crop and are planting the saplings in the areas which are gifted by borewells.

Thanks to the good rains which have lashed out in the taluk, the farmers are planting tomato saplings in their fields. The land is moist at present, making it condusive for tomato cultivation.

Even those farmers who have completed the cultivation of tomatoes, are trying to plant them in the remaining portions of their fields. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for tomato saplings, in the nurseries. The nurseries have seen a sudden increase in the demand for tomato saplings. Different varieties of tomatoes have different prices. And all of them are in great demand.

In the last four months, there was a good demand for tomatoes in the market. The farmers made good money out of it. Infact, this is for the first time that the farmers in the district could make some quick bucks by cultivating tomatoes.

Inspired by this, the farmers have decided to try their hands at it again. Irrespective of the tomato prices in the market, the farmers have decided to cultivate tomatoes in the areas where the borewell are dug.

If this was the case of tomatoes, then, the condition of cabbage is still worse. Now it is the turn of the cabbage prices to go down.

Usually, a truck load of cabbage costed somewhere between Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000. The condition is so worse that even the capital invested in the cultivation of cabbage cannot be recovered. The cabbage growers are now in a very pitiable condition.

After burning their hands after growing potatoes, which had also failed to fetch them the large amount of capital invested in it, the farmers then resorted to growing cabbage and tomatoes as the prime crops.

Inspite of having burnt their fingers, after the fall in the prices of cabbage and tomato crops, the farmers want to try their luck, yet again.

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