flying high A scene from the film ‘Up’.

It’s been a while since we saw ‘U’ rating in recently released animation films. With Pixar’s latest installment ‘Up’ we are introduced to a children-friendly adventure involving a 80-year-old plus Carl Fredricksen (Asner) and a young boy Russell (Nagai).

Carl Fredricksen and his wife Ellie have dreamt of exploring the exotic Paradise Falls in South America since their childhood.

This place has been described by world renowned explorer Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer) as the most beautiful place on earth.

However, life has other things in store for the couple. Ellie dies but Carl keeps the dream alive and one day, thinking he is alone in the house, attaches hundreds of balloons to the chimney of his house and sets off towards Paradise Falls only to find a young explorer Russell in his flying house.

Seeing Russell’s enthusiasm Carl takes him along and that’s when the adventure begins with the birds and talking dogs besides a villain.

The film’s plot is simple, yet heart-rending with a sense of loneliness permeating after a happy, long-married couple are parted.
But the story also goes to show  how a man can once again see the rainbow after the rain.
The character Russell is particularly sweet and funny. Children will love him for his enthusiastic facial expressions and guts.

Most of Pixar’s films bear marks of success, and this time too, the guys have come up with a film that reflects true family values besides reflecting on the comradeship between the old and the young in this superb visual picturisation.