Bengal minister wants drop boxes for abandoned babies

Inspired by a Bengali television serial, State Women and Welfare Minister Sabitri Mitra has proposed that  state-run hospitals should  have baby drop boxes, like letter box and cheque drop box,  where people can dump unwanted children so that the government can take care of the newborns.

In a unique revelation, Mitra said, “Those who want to abandon their babies can drop them in a cradle kept somewhere at the gate of the hospitals and then they can ring a bell that will alert the hospital staff.  The hospital authorities can then take care of the infant”.

“Most of the people leave their unwanted newborns in garbage vats, railway stations and other public places inevitably pushing them towards a pathetic death but if they are left at the hospitals the authorities can provide them proper medical attention and we can save a lot of children,” Mitra added.

Mitra, who shared the idea at a state women’s commission meeting on Thursday, said: “There are many couples who want to adopt babies and if there is a proper mechanism we can dissuade people from abandoning newborns infants and can be handed over to the parents who are deprived of children. This will not only save a lot of children but bring smiles to lots of parents even.”

Mitra has even placed the proposal before State Child Welfare Minister Shyama Pada Mukherjee.

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