Veterans decry diminishing values in media

Journalism that started as a movement to fight oppression and highlight societal concern has ended up being an industry that measures profit and losses, regretted Journalist Shashidhar Bhat speaking at the Press Day celebrations organised by Journalism Study Centre at Roshni Nilaya on Saturday.

Today the position and value of an Editor has reduced. In several print and television media, the owner takes the position of the editor. One takes maximum advantage of the political power and money, media gives, he said.

He also regretted that recently names of several well known journalists were found in B S Yeddyurappa’s dairy along with the amount they have taken. “It is sad to see that politicians make note of journalists name in such matters,” he said.

He also pointed out that media is making a big hype about the Nithyananda issue. Why is media not questioning Lingayat Swamis who are supporting Yeddyurappa. Is Nithyananda being subjected as he does not have caste support like other Swamis? he questioned.

Speaking about the plight of youth who join media industry today, Bhat said that most of them are not prepared. Many join media for the glamour aspect, he said and advised the youth to join media industry having societal concern. Read papers and keep in touch with issues, he said and added that every journalist should have a voice of protest and this should come from within.

Child Welfare Committee President Asha Nayak spoke about the importance of Child Rights. “Do not reveal the identity of the child, especially while reporting juvenile delinquent and abuse cases,” she said.

She advised the journalists to be careful while reporting and interacting with the children. “Recently the two children who are living in Wenlock Hospital since six months became news. These children had a painful past. However, the journalists were more interested in the story and did not realise how the child felt while they were made to repeat the painful incidents,” she said. “If each person calls child helpline 1098 when ever they find a child in distress, then it is the best they can do,” she said.

Veteran theatre personality Prasanna Heggodu said that over-dependence on machines has negatively affected a person’s life. He also advised the journalists to connect with the story and feel it. Only then one can see its true impact, he said.

He advised journalists to uphold human values first than voicing out ideologies.
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