'Meals on wheels' a hit among aged, sick

It was one year ago that Balmatta Service League, a sister concern of Karnataka Christian Educational Society (KACES), launched ‘Meals on wheels,’ a tiffin service which catered to the needs of the aged and the sick.

Today, the pilot project has seen immense success with over 70 people enjoying a healthy, hygienic and homely lunch at a nominal rate.

“Meals on wheels was a hit, especially among the aged and the sick as it catered to their health needs. The aged mostly require food with less salt, spice and oil. Most of the hotels do not provide such food and many who are unable to cook, have to compromise with the hotel food though it takes a toll on their health,” says KACES Secretary Rev Dr Hannibal Cabral to Deccan Herald.

“Meals on Wheels, tried to solve this issue. The tiffin is tailor-made giving people several options such as boiled rice/white rice/chappatis, non veg or veg food. The target audience here are the aged. Hence, the meals are prepared in consultation with a dietician who advises on the type of the food which is best for them,” he adds.

Lunch to hospital

‘Meals on wheels,’ also offers temporary services such as providing lunch to people who are in hospital or people who have come to Mangalore for a short period.

“When a family member is admitted to a hospital, then the life of the entire family gets affected. One may not be able to cook as she may have to attend the person in the hospital. In such a situation, one can neither order for hotel food as the food may not be suitable for one’s health. In such a case, one can inform the ‘Meals on Wheels’ office and tiffins will be provided to them,” says Dr Cabral.

“Inflation has not made us change our rates. We have maintained the same price for over a year. A sumptuous vegetarian meal having rice, curry, vegetable, curds, pickle, pappad will cost Rs 40. A non vegetarian meal will have rice, chicken/mutton/fish curry or side dish, vegetable and other items available for Rs 50,” he adds.
Spreading out

Earlier, the tiffin service was limited to a 10 kilometre radius. However, we have now spread out and cover almost all the major places in the City limits.
The food is prepared in a clean KACES hostel kitchen. Two auto-rickshaws start delivering the food in two different directions. Both the rickshaws travel nearly 50 kilometers a day, says Cabral.

The delivery of the food will start at 11 am and the rickshaws will be back by 1.30 pm. Each house is alloted with two tiffin carriers. When the tiffin carrier with food is delivered the empty one is collected back, he adds. “People can also sponsor meals. All they have to do is give KACES, the persons address they want to help and Meals on Wheels will be in action,” concludes Cabral.

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