Son dies from drug use: Briton kills dealer, hangs himself

Son dies from drug use: Briton kills dealer, hangs himself

 A 65-year-old Briton hanged himself and left a suicide note that said he had stabbed to death a drug dealer because of whom his son died following the use of a fatal ecstasy pill just a day after his 28th birthday.

Roy Allison was found dead just hours after 36-year-old drug dealer Duncan Bell was found stabbed in the heart, the Daily Mail reported.

Allison, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, said in a suicide letter to local newspaper Peterborough Telegraph that Bell had given his son, Roy Allison Jr., drugs during his birthday party that led to his death.

Allison Jr. was a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He was a former kick ju-jitsu British title holder and a silver medallist in ju-jitsu at the World Martial Arts Games in 2007. He was the chief instructor of the Combat Ju-Jitsu Budo Academy in Peterborough.
"I believe it is right for me to rid this scum from the community," the letter said.

Bell was found dead with a stab wound to his heart at Allison's home. Allison later hanged himself at the crematorium where his son's funeral was held.

The nine-page letter was sent to 14 addresses, including the police.Allison said he felt suicidal after his son's death, but decided to carry out his own investigation.

He said Bell was "one of the biggest dealers of drugs" in the area.Allison kept in touch with Bell after his son's death. He even bought the same drug that had been given to his son.

He said that when drunk, Bell admitted guilt for his son's death because he had given him drugs, despite knowing he had high blood pressure.

"The law is the law but justice is another matter," the letter said."Duncan took our whole existence... and for that he will lose his life at my hand," it said.

Allison did not tell police about his suspicion about Bell as he feared a coroner might not find Bell accountable for his son's death.

But a close relative of Allison described him as an "evil man" and an alcoholic who was shunned by other family members.

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