Pakistani police raid firm providing security to US embassy

The Islamabad police said that 61 repeater guns, nine 30 bore pistols, one 22 bore pistol and 545 rounds were recovered during the last night's raid in a posh area here.
Two people at the office of the security company Inter-Risk were taken into custody, police officer Akram said.

A police spokesman said the nabbed people revealed during investigation that recovered weapons and ammunition are owned by the firm's chief Alijah Zaidi.
Reports said that the US has hired the services of the local security firm and is also using the American security firm Blackwater.
Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik confirmed the raid but did not give details. He said he will announce details in a couple of days.

The interior minister again denied reports that Blackwater or any other US firm is working in Pakistan. He said no US firm is given permission to work in the country and the reports are baseless.
The US embassy also rejects the news of Blackwater activities in Pakistan but says that the number of Marines would be increased.

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