Ladies at the fore

Music truly transcends genres and more importantly, genders. As a platform to celebrate some of India’s most talented female musicians, the second edition of ‘Divas of Rock’ was held recently at Vivanta by Taj, Whitefield. 

Alisha Pais, a young singer-cum-songwriter from Mumbai, was the first to take the stage. Her set was full of honest and melodious original compositions and some interesting renditions of songs like ‘You’ve got the Love’ by ‘Florence + The Machine’, and ‘Kiss the Rain’ by Billie Myers, among others.

“I sat there and just sang my heart out with one acoustic guitar on stage. Surprisingly, the audiences seemed to really like that,” says Pais. 

“It’s not often that women get centre stage. But initiatives like this are much needed and help introduce audiences to a variety of female artistes in the scene,” she adds.

Bangalore’s very own pop rock band, ‘Allegro Fudge’, was the show stealer of the evening with their perfect harmonies and instrumentation in songs like ‘City of Sin’ and ‘Hear Them Say’, from their recently launched debut album ‘Maximum City’. 

Shalini Mohan, the ‘diva of rock’ of this band, was comfortably standing at a corner of the stage, away from the limelight, doing a great job on the bass guitar and backing vocals. 

“I don’t find the idea of an ‘all-women’ event very convincing. In fact, it’s more like uncalled for reservation,” says Shalini. 

“There should be more events where we get to share the same platform with our male counterparts and prove our worth,” she adds. 

The last band for the night was Mumbai-based electro-pop outfit, ‘Shkabang’. The band’s lead vocalist was Anushka Manchanda, from yesteryear’s all-girls pop band ‘Viva’. Her energy and rhythm was the perfect conclusion to the evening.

The audience got completely charged up with their fun, upbeat set and she successfully managed to turn the entire room into a discotheque during their hour-long performance. 

“It was a really good line-up and though the focus need not have been on ‘divas’, the ladies sure were a delight to watch perform. I had a blast throughout the evening,” says Adhwaith Manohar, a 23-year-old who attended the gig. 

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