Bad surprise

Recently, Nishant went to his friend’s place for a small get together. He found that his friend’s building didn’t have visitor parking. “I was clueless on where to park my car. On enquiry, the watchman of the building assured me that he would get my car parked. I handed over my car keys to him and ent ahead to my friends place.”

Nishant ShokeenAt around 2 am, when Nishant came out of the party to go home, he was shocked to see the state of his car. Recalling the incident, Nishant says, “I didn’t quite know how to react. My car was broken down. It seemed like it had banged against a wall. I couldn’t find the watchman. This accident left several dents on my car.”

Nishant was naturally fuming but couldn’t take any action, as his car was parked illegally inside the building. 

Going around the world

Discovery Travel and Living brings the latest season of its popular series Globe Trekker, filled with all new adventures and places to visit. Join the backpackers and go globetrotting to share the tips on independent tours. Unforgettable
destinations and a refreshing journey, all enough to awake the traveller inside are all waiting for the viewers on the other side of the television screen on the channel.
Watch the series on September 21 at 9 pm.

Plight for flight

Aditya Redij, the lead of Colors’ show Na Aana Is Des Lado, recently faced a real life situation similar to the hit movie Jab We Met, wherein he missed his train at the Nagpur Railway Station, while he was on his way to Ranchi to attend a friend’s wedding.

Aditya along with a few college friends decided to board a train rather than fly to Ranchi as they wanted to spend the maximum time with each other. It had
also been a long time since Aditya had travelled by train and he wanted to rejoice the rail journey but fate had something else in store for him. “I got down to buy some refreshments at Jamshedpur station. I had inquired that the train will halt for around ten minutes at the station and hence, I decided to freshen myself first. But by the time I got back, to my shock, the train had already started moving. I tried to catch up with it but in vain,” narrates Aditya sadly.

In the end, Aditya had no other option than to fly his way to Ranchi. “I had to reach the wedding on time and hence, took the next flight for Ranchi,” shares Aditya.