Sampangi's gunman suspended

The District Superintendent of Police Ramnivas Sepat has issued suspension orders against Padmanabaiah, gunman of Legislator Y Sampangi, for his misbehaviour towards Lokayukta police during the arrest of the MLA.

Padmanabaiah had levelled several complaints against the police, during their raid on Sampangi at the Legislator’s House.

The gunman complained that the Lokayukta police neither showed their identity cards nor sought permission from the legislator before entering his room. Besides, they were not in uniform.

He had further complained that the Lokayukta police did not inform him before they arrested the legislator. The gunman had defended saying that “I was used to listening to the people who come to meet the MLA in his chamber.”

It confirms dereliction of duty by the gunman besides, he had admitted to exceeding his official limits.

In this backdrop, suspension orders have been issued against him.

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