Row over NCTC will be resolved, says PC

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday said problems pertaining to the establishment of National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) will be resolved soon.

He said the Centre has no choice but to put in place such an institution. He stressed that there are only ‘some’ chief ministers who have raised two issues relating to the matter and that “...if one goes by the head count, we have the majority agreeing to the formation of NCTC.”

Economy will revive

“Indian economy will sail through the current crises if we adopt a we can do attitude,” he said.
Conceding that the food inflation rate, fiscal and current account deficit, increasing fuel prices et al are bringing down the growth of the economy, Chidambaram said the economy would bounce back and “India will see a 2008-09-like growth again.”

While maintaining that the economic crises was something the government cannot prevent people from noticing, Chidambaram said by virtue of the Union government being formed by political parties, there are political agendas (economic, social and others included) from various quarters and that the UPA II is still getting everybody onboard.

Agreeing that inflation and increasing prices of petrol and diesel are concern, he said: “One has to take into account a whole basket of things and not view these problems independently.”

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