Drawing the line

Many students find some of the rules enforced on campus unnecessary

There are rules in every walk of life but when it comes to college rules, most students tend to smile cheekily and recite the old saying — rules are meant to be broken.

No doubt, teenage life would be a lot better without restrictions in college — restrictions on eating, drinking, dressing, parking, habits and so on.

And while everyone agrees that a few relaxed rules hurt nobody, it’s nearly impossible for teachers and students to come to a consensus on where to draw the line.

Metrolife speaks to a few young adults from various colleges in the City to find
out what they feel about the rules on campus.

One of the biggest concerns in nearly every college is attendance. With a minimum of  85 per cent attendance in each subject, students of Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College feel there should be some leniency when it comes to attending classes.

“It’s okay to have a minimum attendance but it just gets worse when the college considers the absence record while distributing hall tickets for examinations,” says a student from the college.

Students from Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College say that dress code in their college is unnecessary.

The boys mention that they understand if the college bans printed T-shirts, which have slang written on them, but they find it ridiculous that they are not allowed to wear simple round necked T-shirts as well.

“I realise why we shouldn’t wear printed T-shirts with inappropriate text on them. But, I just don’t understand what difference a collared T-shirt can make to my studies and attending classes,” expresses a student from Jain College.Students from Christ University talk about the strict dress code that they have to follow because it’s a co-education college.

“We have to wear long kurtas with patialas everyday. Some teachers don’t say anything if we wear salwars, but others don’t allow it. It’s an absolute no to chudidars. Fastening a ‘dupatta’ is a must,” complains a student from the college, adding, “The guys have to wear formal clothes daily, which includes a tie, formal shoes and socks.”

A ban on mobile phones on campus has definitely created a hullabaloo among the college crowd.  However, students have found ways to use their phones when they require to.
Students from Mount Carmel College say they understand if their phones are confiscated in class, but are still bewildered about why they cannot use their phones outside class, when they are not studying.

“I don’t even know why this rule exists. It’s alright to take away phones if used during lectures but they should not restrict us from using it outside class,” exclaims a student from the college.

“I think the rule banning mobile phones on campus should be lifted from all
colleges in the City.”

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