Vedike seeks total ban on 'Made Snana'

Threatens to stage stir if govt fails to ban ritual before next Champa Shashti

Rajya Hindulida Vargagala Jagrutha Vedike State President K S Shivaramu has urged the government to impose a complete ban on ‘Made Snana,’ a ritual in which the devotees roll over the left over food eaten by people belonging to upper castes in Kukke Subrahmanya temple.

Opposing all the three suggestions that were raised in the meeting convened under the leadership of Pejavar seer Vishweshatheertha at the temple two days ago, Shivaramu said that finding alternative ways for Made Snana was not acceptable and the system should be abolished completely .

Speaking to media persons in Mangalore on Thursday, he demanded the government to impose ban on ‘Made Snana’ as well as ‘Pankthi Bedha’ (discrimination in serving meals) in Kukke temple.

Though the government had assured of banning the ritual within two months following the conflict last year, it has not abided by its words, he said and warned of staging stir if the government fails to ban the ritual prior to the next Champa Shashti.

“The Vedike will begin a severe fight against the system in the form of public awareness campaigns in the temple premises during the next Champa Shashti. There is a wrong notion in the society that Malekudiyas in Subrahmanya support the system.

In reality, a study reveals that only four to five members from Malekudiya community who work for the temple are made to support the system. The authorities of Subrahmanya temple are using these Malekudiya workers as their protection shield,” alleged Shivaramu.

He informed that the matter has been already discussed with a few opposition party leaders who have agreed to raise the issue in the coming Assembly session, which is an attempt to pressurise the government to implement the ban.

Flaying Pejavar seer Vishweshatheertha for exhibiting double standards, the Dalit leader said that Pejavar seer should either completely oppose the ban or remain neutral over the issue.

The Pejavar seer who speaks on the need for the unity of Hindus, on the other hand propagates ‘Pankthi Bedha.’ “Let the seer clarify who are Hindus according to him and what are the parameters to categorise Hindus and non-Hindus. If the Hindus are to be united, then why propagate ‘Pankthi Bedha,” he questioned.

Meanwhile, he also demanded to ensure the active involvement of Malekudiyas in the temple management.

Kukke temple originally belongs to Malekudiyas which was later overtaken by the Brahmins.

Hence, the Malekudiyas should be given prominence in the administration and management of the temple, said the leader.

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