Now Bollywood floats bold, uncut version online

Bollywood is perhaps in its boldest phase ever, but the censor board often plays a spoilsport. To combat that, filmmakers have found another way to present unedited adult content - they are floating trailers and songs on online medium

Filmmakers are determined to make their content go viral on  internet.

When the trailer of Ekta Kapoor's forthcoming sex comedy "Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum" was allowed in theatres and TV only after suggested cuts by the censor board, the filmmaker kept the uncut version for online viewers.

An upset Ekta decided to play around the law. First, she rushed to the capital to show "Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum" promos to media when her uncut trailer couldn't make it to the theatres with the release of "Bol Bachchan".

"We have a sanitised, boring promo in the theatre for the ones who will be seeing 'Bol Bachchan'. But I want to show the real promo to everyone, so that's going online! I will create as much buzz as I can for the film because I can't fight the law, I can work around it," Ekta told IANS.

"I'd rather have the audience decide whether the promo of my film is vulgar or funny and naughty. Luckily, the response is positive online," she added.

When the uncensored promo of the film was released on YouTube, it was a hit and has so far got over 522,500 hits on YouTube.

Pooja Bhatt decided to promote "Jism 2" songs with adult content on internet, rather than opting for the tedious job of snipping out so-called objectionable scenes from her film.

With "Jism 2", Pooja is introducing Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone in her scintillating and sizzling avatar to the Indian film industry.

The director has shot six songs for the film, but she has chosen to showcase only three songs with asexual content on TV. The rest have gone online - "a more than worthy competitor of TV," said Pooja recently.

It is a conscious decision she had to make.

"We have six songs in 'Jism 2'. Only three cater to a universal audience without losing their essence. The other three cannot be made to seem asexual! Hence, we will only submit to the censor board and plug on TV those songs of 'Jism 2' what we feel is appropriate for a family audience," Pooja wrote on her Twitter page.

The actress-turned-director is happy that viewers get a chance to choose what to watch without a "roadblock" by the censor board.

"The three 'Jism 2' songs that cater to the average thinking, discerning, passionate, ADULTS may be viewed freely and by CHOICE across the internet.

"This is the FIRST time a mainstream film has chosen the internet and social media as a more than worthy competitor to television," Pooja said, adding it's "a brand new, sane and fair way forward for all!"

The two ladies have started a new trend that many would follow!

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