Now, a special 'yajna' to please 'nagin' in Uttar Pradesh

Now, a special 'yajna' to please 'nagin' in Uttar Pradesh

Animal instinct

In a rare show of reverence for snakes, as the typical Indian practice is, the people of Akrur village in Mathura district organised a week-long “yajna” and “sermon” to “please the nagin.”

They also plan to take it for a “holy dip in the Ganga.” The “yajna” and “sermon” were organised by the villagers to please the nagin, which had, a few days ago, bitten a villager, who had “killed the nagin’s mate” (the male cobra).

To prevent the “nagin” from taking revenge upon others, the villagers requisitioned the services of snake charmers, who suggested that the snake be “pleased” through other ways.

Hence a “yajna” was held in which a large number of people, including local government officials, participated. A grand feast was also organised on the occasion.

“The nagin was kept inside a closed room while the yajna was performed,” Shyamsunder, a villager, said.

After the “yajna,” the snake charmers said the nagin wished to perform “sati.”
However, they later said the nagin desired to have a ‘holy bath’ in the Ganga. The villagers now plan to take it to Soron in Etah district to realise its heart’s desire.

Interestingly, all this is known to the district officials, but they prefer to look the other way.

“There is nothing we can do in this regard... it is something connected to the religious beliefs of the villagers... any interference could spark trouble,” quipped a senior official on condition of anonymity.

“A large section of our society believes in such things... nag and nagins and their revenge. After all, Hindus observe Nag Panchami (a festival in which snakes are worshipped and fed milk),” said S P Pandey, Director, G B Pant Institute of Rural Development.

He conceded that films presenting such issues certainly influenced the people.
“They indeed believe the nagin may take revenge,” he quipped.

Pandey said creating awareness among the people is the only way to remove such superstitions.

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