Twist to the traditional 'dosa'

Twist to the traditional 'dosa'

Twist to the traditional 'dosa'

A visit to Dose Mane will tell you that one can never get enough of dosas in Bangalore. While there are places in the City that serve at least ten to an extensive 99 types of dosas, Dose Mane boasts of a whopping 110 varieties of the dish. Situated right opposite Mahaveer Jain College at V V Puram, the place is hard to miss with its large yellow and green signboard.

With a fastfood counter and a service floor, the eatery has become a favourite with dosa lovers in the City over the last year. The menu, which incidentally is in a shape of dosa,
is not only impressive with its selection of dishes but also has the ability to confuse the customer.

Says Vasudev, the manager of the restaurant, “Many first timers take the longest to order and we understand their confusion. Some even say that they have to come every day to just complete the entire menu. But the aim of the place is to serve those kinds of dosas that one normally doesn’t get anywhere else.”

There are, of course, the popular items like masala dosa, benne dosa, utthappa and open dosa. But the menu also offers a variety of neer dosas, khara dosas, sweet dosas, sandwich dosas, spring roll dosas and dosa omelettes.

While the dosa batters vary, the message is definitely in the filling — from avalakayi, corn, spinach, pudeena, paneer, bananas to even dry fruits.

“Apart from the popular varieties, the most fast selling ones are the khara neeru dosa, vegetable dosa and the dry fruit dosa,” adds Vasudev.  He goes on to add, “Most of the items are very much native Udupi and Mangalorean style but we have also included some which bring in a modern twist to the old dosa.”

The vegetarian omelettes are a must try as they are inspired by pancakes.  And the little adventurous can go in for the spring roll dosa, schezwan dosa and the sixer khara dosa, which comes with a plate of six mini dosas and sagu — the fillings include fried potato, corn, sprouts, onion, peas and dry fruits, with the onion khara being the best. During afternoons, the place is filled with students but on weekends, people come from all parts of the City to dig in.

For details, call 22424488 or 22424489.

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