Royal flavour to horse riding in Mysore

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Royal flavour to horse riding in Mysore

For those interested in riding horses in a location set aside from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Maharajakumari Gayatridevi Purvi Horse Riding Club is set to open on Bogadi Road, on the outskirts of the City.

Set on three acres of land, the club is to not only cater to an activity that is relatively new to Mysoreans, but will also hopefully create a bond between the horse and the public. 

The club is the brainchild of Jaideep Bhale Rao, of Pedapavini royal family of Andhra Pradesh, who is no stranger to equestrian activities.

Rao, who is interested in exposing the art of horse-riding to the general public, conceived the idea of a horse club in October 2011. At present, only royals, mounted police and tongawallahs have any experience in horse riding.

Other, potentially interested individuals have had no teachers or a platfrom, which the club seeks to address. The stable currently has six horses. Two ponies have been set aside for child riders. A 12-class course has been planned to teach the basics of riding.

The course may be spread over two months (classes conducted thrice a week) and will be offered at affordable rates. Lessons include boarding a horse, walking and riding, among others. Once the course is completed, a minimum fee will be fixed for the riding horses for a stipulated time. 

According to Rao, the club already has 11 students, seven of whom are children aged six and above.

“A race horse has a maxiessional life of eight years, and the animal loses energy with every passing year. Once the horses lose their temperament for speed, such horses will be picked up for training novices (riders), only on the advice of experts,” Rao said. 

More importantly, a horse used for training should have a quiet and calm nature. It helps riders to easily develop a bond with them.

Rao plans to develop the club to hold polo tournaments, even though at three aces –an area larger than international polo standards. The club will also serve as a venue for show jumping competitions.

Jaideep is the son-in-law of late Gayatridevi, eldest daughter of the ex-Maharaja of Mysore Jayachamaraja Wadiyar.

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