Billa 2 is all style and no substance

Billa 2
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidyut Jamwal, Manoj K Jayan, Ilavarasu, Rahman, Sudhanshu Pandey
Director: Chakri Toleti

You have seen one, you have seen them all. Running on the same thread with nothing much novel to offer, the much-hyped Billa 2 falls flat.

Starring Ajith Kumar as the eponymous David Billa having to fend off comparisons with earlier essays, including that by Style King Rajnikanth, Chakri Toleti has indeed taken a shot in the dark hoping for the best at box office. While Ajith Kumar’s fans may ensure the film has decent weekend, whether the same fervour would spill over the week days is moot.

Charting the ubiquitous quest for larger things and total domination of his fiefdom, Billa 2 is your familiar gangsta flick with cartloads of villains and fusillade of gunshots and fisticuffs where stylish action is on the premium and subtlety and sobriety are given the go-by.

Cruising from the coastal stretches of Tamil Nadu to the sun-and-sand-kissed Goan landscapes,  the film is one roller-coaster ride as David Billa takes on rivals, while in between he plays sport with dainty damsels.

With Ajith giving his all to live up to the persona of a dreaded don, it’s whistling time for fans who have a whale of a time as he goes about his business staccato fashion like batting flies for wanton sport. Not to forget the blazing guns which add to the din and delirium of the scheme of things.

Given its general, familiar drift where bullets and brawn are passwords to pack a punch and pronounce one’s arrival to the world, it is futile to recount the story of an orphaned Billa, a refugee arriving at Ramesw­aram to make his way into the crime world befriending goons and romancing the love of his life Jasmine and induction into the world of drug mafiasos.

Billa 2 is not everyone’s dose of entertainment dreg. Either get a heady kick on high octane and adrenaline action, or pursue a more modest and mellow avenue.

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