Citizen's Woes

Citizen's Woes

Citizen's Woes

Day-train gives some food for thought

People travelling in this train will sure hold their breath watching the natural beauty of the ghat region. At the same time, it is shockingly painful to observe that this beauty is being threatened by haphazard littering and waste disposal from the train. Plastic, paper and other types of garbage is spoiling the nature here.

Our people’s representatives and officials have taken much care in preserving the environment and preventing pollution in the cities recently. A similar care is needed in the case of the ghats too. A campaign should be taken up to prevent the pollution at the earliest. We have to make it a point that the waste is disposed into the cans kept inside the compartments and that the cans are emptied regularly.

One can also see that the major stations on the route are ill maintained and unclean. The food has to be better if tourism promotion is the ultimate aim. These suggestions are in fact applicable to the whole of Indian railways.

I J S Shet, Bolar.

Extension of train to Karwar
It is learnt that the General Manager of South Western Railway is seriously considering a proposal to extend Bangalore-Mangalore Train (6517/18) to Karwar. Here is a suggestion to satisfy both Karwar and Kannur people. The train Mangalore-Yeshwanthpur express (N0.6517/18) may contain two halves, one half to Karwar and the other half to Kannur.

The train reaches Mangalore every morning at 8.25. The one half of the train that goes to Kannur can be attached to Train number 388 Mangalore - Coimbatore Fast passenger, if the timing of the latter is delayed by an hour. The remaining of 6517/18 may then proceed to Karwar. This half should return to Mangalore by 7 pm at any cost. The Kannur half in its return journey must be joined with Coimbatore-Mangalore Fast Passenger (No. 387) which arrives at Mangalore Central by 7.20 pm. There is enough time to attach the half to train no 6517 which departs Mangalore Central at 7.45 pm.

This suggestion may sound viable to laymen, but it is obvious that more adjustments will be needed. However, if this is done, the railways can satisfy both Kannur and Karwar.

Sukumar Talpady, Kottara

Precious food wasted
It was recently reported in news papers that a large quantity of foodgrains that was stored in the government warehouse is rotting. The State government often cries that the central aid is not coming. What we saw in the warehouse was precious Central aid spoiled due to mismanagement. How do the people at the helm of affairs justify this spoilage? At a time of less rain and severe droughts, food is of supreme value. Close coordination and cooperation is very necessary to preserve what little we have. Shifting responsibilities and engaging in arguments do not merit at all. Is there any alternative for the huge loss? Shouldn’t the affected general public demand for an explanation?

R M Sharma, Mangaladevi.

Different versions on tree cutting
As soon as the Kankanady- Morgansgate road concretisation work started, some environmentalists started protesting the so called plan to cut 43 trees along the stretch for road widening. They submitted a memorandum to the DC who agreed to look into the matter. Later, another group led by the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a protest against the environment conscious localites in support of development. It was then that the Mayor announced that there is no such plan to cut the trees and that the MCC has already paid around Rs 8 lakhs to the Forest Department to plant saplings in place of the 206 trees already cut for road widening. This puts the public to confusion as to whether the environmentalists had done their home work properly before organising the public against felling the trees. Does mere marking of the trees mean that they are going to be felled? Also the Mayor is supposed to give more information as to where the Forest department has planted the saplings in place of the 206 trees cut earlier and for the Rs 8 lakh public money spend on it. The saplings should be planted on road sides within the city limits to maintain the greenery in the city and thus for us to breathe fresh air.

J F D’Souza, Attavar

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