'Poetry should document one's inner urge'

'Poetry should document one's inner urge'

Multi-lingual poets meet at Madikeri Dasara

Writer Mogalli Ganesh inaugurating the multi-lingual poets’ meet on the occasion of Dasara in Madikeri on Sunday. CMC President P D Ponnappa, poets’ meet committee head H T Anil, Kodava Sahitya Academy President Rani Machaiah, DC K H Ashwathanarayana Gowda and AIR Programme Executive Abdul Rasheed are seen. DH photo

He was addressing the inaugural of a multi-lingual poets’ meet organised as part of Dasara festivities at Cauvery Kalakshetra here on Sunday. “Silence is the voice of the poetry. Beginning from Adikavi Pampa to the recent poets, all have expressed the silence through the medium of language. A language gets a phrase when a poem originates. In the meantime, the language itself becomes a phrase. The language gets a unique identity through poetry,” Ganesh observed.

“A poet’s language is a sensitive one. Language, culture, society and sensitivities are expressed in a different manner through poets. The words one uses everyday, create a different world when they are used by a poet. A poet can open up a gate to his world of experience through his poetry,” he pointed out. Ganesh said Kannada has not strengthened its capacity only through its literary history, but with the instruments of sub-languages.

“Though many Kannadigas define that the local languages got their birth from Kannada, it is true that all those languages such as Kodava, Konkani, Adivasi, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil have helped Kannada to gain more strength. Hence, one should respect the sub-languages too,” the writer noted.

“Poetry is a rare creation. It does not originate in the imagination of a poet, but it takes birth as part of the process of humanity. Man’s topmost emotions were expressed in the form of poetry. Hence, poetry is an expression of rarity,” he analysed.  “The poetic language may look like a lie. But there is truth in the depth. Poet follows it. The poet’s language creates a race, culture, traditions, and feelings of the humanity,” he added.

Role of poets
Presiding over the ceremony, Deputy Commissioner K H Ashwathanarayana Gowda said the role of poets in the development of a language is something great.  Their contributions is indeed high for the development of language and history. “Poets exhibit their individuality in any matters they encounter. A language cannot grow just through one’s love for it. It is possible through fruitful discussions,” he observed.

Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy President Rani Machaiah released ‘Kavya Sinchana,’ a poetry compilation. City Municipal Council President P D Ponnappa, poets’ meet committee head H T Anil, AIR Programme Executive Abdul Rasheed were present. Over 30 poets presented their works.