For the young professionals

For the young professionals

For decades now, Peter England has been an integral part of every young corporate executive’s wardrobe. Showcasing its latest ‘Autumn-Winter 12’ collection, the brand is offering merchandise that ranges from suits, shirts, trousers, jeans, cargos and T-Shirts to even accessories. With internationally stylised garments, the collection is also a great value for money. Be it any occasion, the brand caters to every need of the young men.


Plenty to choose from

One literally gets spoilt for choice with the latest collection from Peter England. Be it formal wear, casual, semi-formals or even their party collection, the range is plenty. One of the main highlights of the range is the ‘interview collection’. Like the title suggests, the range includes what a young man could wear for an interview.

Says Nidhi Raj, the head of design at Peter England, “This is an extremely formal line, which makes a striking impression. We have restricted the colours to something very safe, like light blues and whites, which can be teamed with grey or navy blue trousers.”

The range also includes basic everyday work wear and a ‘work social’ collection of shirts. “While the everyday shirts are kept very basic and simple, giving a professional look, the ‘work social’ collection is something that is really catching on,” says Nidhi, adding, “This range is targeted at those clients who are busy at work all day and don’t have time to go home to change when they meet their friends after work.

So all they have to do is roll up their sleeves or even turn the shirt inside-out — the reverse is a different colour — and they are good
to go.”

For the last three years, the brand has also been concentrating on its casual collection. In fact, its jeans have become a rage amongst the youngsters. With good fits, the casual wear also comprises a host of colourful tees, jackets and shirts.

“We have also introduced something called the ‘cordines’. This is a denim which gives a corduroy effect. We also have cargos, which are inspired by the jodhpuri cut,” explains Nidhi.

The collection is perfect for every young man’s transition from college boy to working professional. But Nidhi says that one of the key points to remember is to stick to colours that suit you.

“A crisp white shirt and well-fitted jeans are a must but when it comes to colours, a young professional must remember to keep it clean and neat and not go too wild, as it is a work place at the end of the day,” sums up Nidhi.

Rushi Ganapathi,

IV Year, Dayananda Sagar Institutions, opted for a sporty look. He chose to team a red T-shirt with jodhpuri-inspired beige cargo pants.

Punchline: “I love the jodhpuri touch given to the cargos. They fit so well and are perfect for any relaxed outing with friends. And the red coloured tee only accentuates the pants.”
Price: T-shirt
(Rs 649); Cargo (Rs 1,799)

Nipunn V, IV Year, Amrita School of Engineering, kept it simple with a dark blue collared T-Shirt, which he teamed with a pair of cream-coloured formal pants.

Punchline: “This is the perfect look for a casual outing with friends. What I really liked about the look was the fit and the comfort level.”
Price: T-shirt (Rs 1,099); Trousers (Rs 1,399)

Ashish A Bhansal, III Year, Christ University, went for a light blue formal shirt and a pair of black pants. He completed the look with a black laptop bag.
Punchline: “What really strikes one first about this look is the shirt — especially the fact that the collar is white, while the rest of the shirt is blue. It’s a simple shirt and yet stands out because of this small twist.”
Price: Shirt (Rs 1,199); Trousers (Rs 1,290) and Bag (Rs 1,799)

Mahadevan, III Year,
St Joseph’s College of Commerce, teamed dark blue trousers with a smart checked blue linen shirt. He completed the look with a tie.

Punchline: “Linen is something I had never worn before, but this shirt is really comfortable and I think it’s a great pick for any formal occasion. Not only is it comfortable, but it also gives a clean look.”

Price: Shirt (Rs 1,799); Trousers (Rs 1,199); Tie (Rs 499)

Zubin Warrier, final year, VSM Aerospace, decided to go for a formal look with a striped grey shirt with a white collar and cuffs. He teamed that with black formal trousers.

Punchline: “I love wearing formals. What I really like about this look is the fact that it’s apt for any event, as the colours are neutral yet stand out. It makes a statement.”

Price: Shirt (Rs 849); Trousers (Rs 1,299)

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