N-secrets sold to Iran: Khan

Pak scientist says deal was done at Benazirs behest

According to the ‘Sunday Times’, the maestro of the world’s largest nuclear black market, made the revelation in a four-page ‘secret’ letter addressed to his Dutch wife Henny. The letter explained how he was made a scapegoat in the nuclear proliferation controversy. The letter was written after his arrest in 2003.

Khan, whose movements were recently challenged by the Pakistan government after a court relaxed the terms of his arrest, had also sent a copy of the letter to his daughter, Dina, settled in London.

The paper described the December 10, 2003 letter, handwritten in apparent haste, as ‘extraordinary’ and claimed its contents had never been revealed before. The paper said one of its journalists obtained a copy of the letter in 2007. The letter, which contains intriguing details of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, also outlined the country’s nuclear links with China and its official support to the atomic programme of Iran and North Korea. The letter also mentions Libya.

“Probably with the blessings of B B (Benazir Bhutto) General Imtiaz (Benazir’s defence advisor) asked... me to give a set of drawings and some components to the Iranians...The names and addresses of suppliers were also given to the Iranians,” the disgraced 74-year-old scientist said in the letter.

The letter also revealed that though former president General Pervez Musharraf had showered praise on Khan in 2001, the former general did not like him personally.
In an August 23, 2005 interview with ‘Kyodo News’, General Pervez Musharraf confirmed that Khan had supplied gas centrifuges and gas centrifuge parts to North Korea and, possibly, an amount of uranium hexafluoride. It has also been disclosed that China was the first customer of one of Pakistan’s enrichment plants.

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