Filmi fundas

Filmi fundas

Survi shows her serious side

Item girl and actress Survi Chatterjee has decided to prove she has a serious side as well — the diva has taken the entrepreneurial plunge and turned producer with a film directed by Hemant Nilim Das. The film is based on the story of a young couple who hail from different castes from the interiors of Rajasthan.  It touches upon the subject of honour killings in certain sections of India. The film also features Bhojpuri hero Manoj Malhotra in the main lead opposite Survi Chatterjee.

Hemant Nilim Das has recently completed India’s first uncut film ‘Underground’, which deals with the link between terrorists and politicians in North-East India.

“I have done extensive research on the Khap community and met with Khap panchayat leaders as well in Haryana and other parts of India. The film also shows how the law enforcement agencies, particularly the police, support the community leaders and do not help the couples involved in inter-caste marriages.

It is based on the real-life instances of five honour killing cases in the last two years. Almost 25,000 women, children and adults are killed each year the world over in honor-related killing cases,” claims Survi Chatterjee.

Tough role for Freida

Ever since the release of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, Freida Pinto has been hot property in Hollywood. But while the diva has been known to turn heads at various events and premiered because of her avant garde fashion sense, she hasn’t been able to prove her mettle in terms of acting as of now. But Freida is all set to change this notion — her latest movie, ‘Trishna’, witnessed her playing an urban Indian girl in Rajasthan and the role was definitely a difficult one for Freida to pull off on the big screen.

She is seen as a Indian belle in the movie ‘Trishna’, directed by Michael Winterbottom. The film, which was shot in Jaipur and Mumbai among other places, is an adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel, ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’. And the pressure’s certainly turned on — not only because her role has certain nuances and shades of gray which are tough to portray on the big screen but because the Hollywood flick also stars Christian Bale, of the ‘Dark Knight’ fame. Not surprisingly, the actress is delighted to be rubbing shoulders with the actor and being a part of the film — but she’s quick to admit that it’s also quite exhausting and the role was difficult to pull through.

“Sometimes, I felt that this film has drained everything out of me. I had nothing left. When I shot ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, I felt like I was shooting in my backyard. But when I was shooting in rural India, it felt like a different world. I learned a lot — I learned to milk a cow!” the actress describes. Despite Freida’s confidence, however, the film has received mixed reviews overseas, with plenty of critics claiming that although she looks beautiful, Freida’s role lacked certain substance.

Problems with the second season

Satyamev Jayate has been a complete hit on television, and the show has become an integral part of many families’ Sunday morning routine.

And Aamir Khan, the show’s host, has been raking in all kinds of praises for the sensitive and yet hard-hitting manner in which he has brought to public attention the various social problems that the country faces and yet sweeps under the rug.

After the wildly successful run of the show’s first season, plenty of viewers are looking forward to a second season as well. And although Aamir Khan has let drop a few hints that the second season of Satyamev Jayate is, in fact, on the anvil, sources at the research and production house hint otherwise.Moreover, since the novelty factor is over in season one, it is still undecided what the strategy for the next season will be.

In season one, Aamir had asked all brands which he endorses not to sponsor the show so that he will not be over-exposed.

If the channel keeps up with this strategy, then there will be a bigger problem of finances as the show isn’t making good numbers.

So, can viewers hope to get another season of Satyamev Jayate? Aamir fans are simply going to have to wait and watch.

A finger in many pies

Stand-up comedian Sunil Pal is definitely going places. Leaving behind the fetters of plain old comedy, he has tried his hand at production in tinsel town and now, is dipping a finger into another pie — music.

After producing his maiden film, which was titled Bhavnao Ko Samjho, the popular stand-up comedian has now decided to take a plunge in music also and recently, he composed and sung a song for his next film. The flick, which is called ‘Money Back Guarantee’, has given Sunil a chance to showcase what he’s best at — nothing other than comedy.  In ‘Money Back Guarantee’, the comedian will be seeing employing his hilarious style — he creates extraordinarily funny situations in his stage show and acting.

 This song, which has been written by Sunil Pal himself, is titled Poha Jalebi. Its video version is directed by Rajesh Sharma, with Arvind D’Silva as the cinematographer.

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