Tigress Reetha's health deteriorates

The health condition of the aged tigress Reetha is going down due to age related factors. It is a white tiger born on September 23, 1993, to tiger Darshan and Priyadarshini at Mysore zoo.

Tigress Reetha had lost most of its teeth, so it is maintained on boneless meat with nutritional supplements. It is very lethargic resulting in problems of overgrown claws like painful gait and maggot infestation requiring repeated tranquilisation for treatment. A year back, dewclaw of right forelimb was surgically removed to prevent repeated problems.

Appetite and body condition is going down day by day. Physical examination on July 13 showed development of mammary gland tumor affecting two mammary glands on left side, according to a press release from the zoo.

Since, the animal is aged, life expectancy with or without surgical intervention is very short.

In aged animals risks associated with general anaesthesia is very high, surgical removal of mammary gland tumor in tigress Reetha need to be considered at the earliest, said the release.

Zoo management will make all attempts to keep the animal in good health condition. Life expectancy of tigers is 10-12 years in wild.  However the life expectancy in captive condition is 18 to 22 years. As per the available records, tigress Vijaya lived for longest period of 22 years in Mysore Zoo, added the release.

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