Delayed monsoon failing cattle too

Dried up lakes, barren lands make farmers distraught

In the capital of the state, disgruntled ministers and MLAs barely have the time to pay attention to the ‘common’ people. 

Distraught with nature that has played truant, with monsoon remaining elusive this year, farmers are finding it hard to fend fodder for their cattle. 

“Water table has depleted, and rivers and lakes have dried up. Situation has turned so grim that farmers are being forced to sell their cattle since they cannot find fodder for them. But, any of this doesn’t seem to affect the politicians and ministers who are bickering over plum posts,” say the general public who bear the brunt. 

There are cases of farmers having sold cattle, unable to feed them with grass or fodder since one is literally unavailable in the wake of failed rains, and the other one is way beyond affordable limits for farmers. Government has remained mute and blind through these tough days faced by the people. 

Grass for the cattle had become a rarity since last year, with inadequate rains. However, this year, even drinking water has turned into a rarity, let alone grass and fodder. In the past when crops failed, dairy farming held the farmer in good stead. 


But, with even grass disappearing, the farmer is left with no choice but to dispose off the cattle and livestock.

Rubbing salt on their wound is the fact that even buying price for milk has been reduced by Rs 1.30 per litre.

 This is a severe blow on the dairy industry. While the normal rain for the district is about 78 mm, Kanakatte hobli in the district has received only 10 mm rain. 

The district should have received 50 mm rain in the month of June; however, the district has only received 15.6 mm rain so far.    


This will force farmers and others to migrate from the town in search of employment and water to cities, say the villagers of Kanakatte, Shankaranahalli, Bommasandra, Hosahalli and surrounding areas.

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