Fake rape victims danger to society, lead to mistrust: Court

Women who file false rape cases are a danger to society as the courts and public would start disbelieving the real victims, a Delhi court has said.

Additional sessions judge R Tewari made the remark while acquitting a woman and discharging a man from a false case of gang rape, lodged by another woman working as a district court employee.

“Such alleged victims of rape are potentially dangerous to the society in the sense that from tomorrow onwards the general public as well as the courts will start disbelieving the version given by even the real victims of rape,” the judge said, while acquitting the woman.

The court acquitted her of the charges of hatching the criminal conspiracy with four men to abduct and rape the complainant saying, “Right from the beginning, she narrated a story, the facts of which could not be reconciled at all.”

While one of the four men, accused of abducting and raping the woman, was discharged earlier, three others were declared proclaimed offenders. The court further observed that the “alleged victim” is not afraid of the consequences of falsely implicating someone in a rape case as she works in one of the district courts here and added that she is a “cold-blooded thinker” as she does not repent the allegations made by her.

“Prosecutrix admittedly working in a district court has no fear or by virtue of her said job her fear has gone out of her mind towards the law and she can play with the law and legal procedures as a master juggler and she can go to any extent by levelling allegations against anyone.

I have no hesitation in drawing an inference that she is a cold-blooded thinker whereby she can implicate any person, having inadvertence towards the consequences and at the same time, she has no repentance over her said false allegations,” the court said.

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