Bubbly and new

Sanjeevani Hospital welcomes five fresh interns in the successfully running medical series Dil Mill Gaye. Back to woo its audience with an all new and innovative content, the serial promises to entertain and surprise the viewers with new relationships, hotter romance and implausible medical drama.
The storyline kicks off with the interns now becoming resident doctors giving way to a pack of fresh new interns entering the hospital to up the entertainment quotient. Among the fresh interns, playing Tamanna is Moulshree Sachdeva, essaying the role of a quintessential girl, hailing from a humble background. Extremely focused, she is a girl toiling to be a doctor, to fulfil her father’s dreams.
In sheer contrast to her is Siddhanth Modi’s character portrayed by heart-throb Karan Wahi. He plays a rich, spoilt brat from USA pursuing the internship owing to his lineage. Packed off to Sanjeevani, against his will, he comes to  get a first hand feel of India under the strict supervision of Dr Abhimanyu, who is his cousin.
Coming to the show as Naina Mehta, Neha Jhulka, is an absolute firebrand, belonging to an affluent Gujarati family. She loves to be cool in spite of being from a conservative family and is ready to go to any length to stay so.
Playing the role of Yuvraj is newcomer Sehban Azim, a guy with an ambition and the determination to achieve it, a straight talker and serious worker, a perfectionist in line to become Dr Shasank’s favourite.
Bringing in a comic quotient to the show is a talented Marathi actor, Prasad Barve playing the character of Jitendra Prasad. He plays a city topper from UP who thinks he is the hero of the place and is unaware that other people just think of him as a Maha Chipku.
Tune-in to Dil Mill Gaye starting September 22, 8.30 pm on Star One to watch these bubbly new interns. 

Fight for protection

The Invasion starring Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Jeremy Northam and Malin Akerman airs on HBO on September 22 at 9 pm. An insidious behaviour-altering epidemic is decimating the human race. When a psychiatrist discovers that the epidemic’s origins are extraterrestrial, she must fight to protect her son, who may hold the key to stopping the escalating invasion.

From boys to men

Watch The Boys Are Back In Town on Discovery Travel and Living on September 22 at 9 pm. The show brings an exclusive access to the members of Boyzone, the people in the entertainment business that surrounded them and their adoring fans.
From the much hyped tales involving lead singer Rohan Keating allegedly splitting the band to launch his own solo career to Shane Lynch, who felt the band was controlled and manipulated by the entertainment industry, this one off show will bring to light every facet of the band that rocked the 90s.

Victory of good

Take part in the Navratri celebrations with Star Movies as the channel presents Dussehra Version 2.0, a series of the most intriguing movies depicting the clash between the good and the evil.
As part of this, watch the much-acclaimed Behind Enemy Lines starring Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman and Gabriel Macht on September 22 at 11 pm.