Making space for all

Making space for all

Colour, lighting and wall decor, all enhance the look of your home. What’s more, you can make your space look big and de-cluttered with the smart use  of various             elements, finds out .

Making your space look big and de-cluttered makes good design sense. A de-cluttered space is not only calming, but also aesthetically appealing. Setting up innumerable furniture pieces and accessories in a room will make the space appear very small.

The space will appear crowded in spite of your spending lavishly on trendy furniture. Whatever may be the size of the room, the place needs furniture, curtains and other accessories. Practical ideas should be put into use so that the functionality of the space is not compromised.

Expensive accessories may look obsolete if they are not functional.

An important aspect is colour. Wall colours and matching furnishings should be in synchrony. One good idea is to use black or white as background colours. This will enhance the vibrant colours used for curtains and other accessories. Pay attention to furniture, which should be minimal and useful.


A living room can accommodate one three-seater sofa along with two or three single seaters. Any additional fixture may not suit the room. A bean bag can enhance value as it can fit into any place. A centre table may or may not find a place. Clear and geometric-shaped furniture is ideal and can easily be aligned in a room. The colour too should be very simple. Light coloured walls can be contrasted with rich coloured fabrics which add to the rich tone.

Metal is the most preferred material for interior furniture. Stainless steel is also a trend and any other metal like black coated iron also aptly fits into this form of decoration.In any home, there are corners that need to be dressed up.

These corners are spaces where there could be no windows; they could be small areas, but there are many ways to ensure that these corners add to the beauty of the room. A strip mirror along two walls, either floor length or half the size will make the space more interesting. You could even add a wall shelf. The reflection on the two mirrors will enhance the object on display. A corner without windows needs better lighting.

 You can direct light on the space either by way of a pendant light or a lamp shade. Small decorative items like a table with a decorative vase with flowers can make the space more interesting. If the corner is near a window, fancy plants in decorative pots is another innovative option.

Pictures or artefacts are always the best way to brighten up an otherwise dull place. It is the same with corners. Small frames and artefacts arranged in an aesthetic manner can enhance the ambience of the place. Arranging thematic pictures so that they can be read as a story is an innovative option. Different-sized masks too can have a place here.

Lighting is crucial

Lighting is a major aspect in the scheme of interior decoration. This is a very cost-effective method of creating mood and transforms a well decorated but otherwise lifeless room into a cosy zone. While designing the lighting of the living room, one must consider natural lighting as the key source of light. In short, lighting in the living room should be delicately stylish and functional to enhance the decor of the living space. 

This is a place where maximum time is spent by a family. The lighting system should be designed to meet various needs and tastes as well as for relaxation. Ideal would be optimum lighting for social interaction with complementary add-ons to suit extra functions. 

A well-lit room is one where layers of light blend to create a good and balanced illumination. The range includes pendant lights, side lights, down/up lights of different colours and intensity. Controls such as panel switches and dimmers are a good option.

Lighting involves designer fixtures too. A design fixture will play a vital role in accentuating or highlighting works of art like murals, wall paintings, etc. Table and standing floor lamps with dimmers can be placed on side tables. 

Stained glass lamps and hanging lights are colourful and classy; so are glass lamps. A dimmer switch will create different moods with lighting. One of the walls can have a monorail array of lights. Down lights are also a good option as they can always change the look of the room and make the space livelier and attractive.

Spot lights and track lights are affordable with their versatile design. A cluster of them in place of one central light is useful as it can be angled to direct the light when it is most needed. Spot lights can be aimed directly at the object for good effects. They can be angled at wall ceilings or mirrors to make a small room look large and brighten the dark space.

Areas of light

Chandeliers make for good decor. A contemporary chandelier with brightly-lit bulbs is apt for family togetherness. Pendant lighting is contemporary and looks sleek. 

Wick pendant lights covered with silk/satin shades rejuvenate the space and make it look splendid. 

Wall scones which will hold a pair of candles or lights are an eye-catching feature to decorate the wall to get a designer look. As they throw light upwards, adding pictures and interesting frames on the wall enhances the look. 

Different types of vanity lights with stainless steel frames add style and flavour to lend the room a modern and rich look.

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