On a bumpy ride

   Endless waiting, long journeys, rushing crowd, these are just some of  the problems faced by the commuters of a regular BMTC bus.

Metrolife spoke to some people, both students and professionals, who regularly travel by the buses in the City to find out about the problems they face during their journeys.
Irregular timings, lack of bus shelters, overcrowding and people spitting and littering the surroundings are some of the main problems faced by these commuters.

Vardhan, a third semester engineering student of Ramaiah College, takes a bus from Mathikere to Shivajinagar daily. “Some times I take a bus from Mayo Hall on M G Road, but generally it’s so difficult to find a bus there. Quite often, I keep waiting for a bus, and end up taking an auto,” he says. “The buses go on the wrong side of the road many a time.” But Vardhan’s major problem is with the overcrowding of the buses. “Buses should limit the number of people they accommodate.”

Rajni, an employee of the Central Government travels from New BEL Road to the Indian Express Circle daily. “Since the opening of the Mathikere Bridge, buses to Shivajinagar have been diverted. So there is no direct bus for me. I have to take a bus from the BEL Road, get down at Sadashivanagar Police Station and walk a lot to get another bus to Shivajinagar,” she laments. “There are so many buses to Majestic but not a single one to Shivajinagar.” She adds, “There is not even a bus shelter in our area for the commuters to sit and wait for a bus.”

Shravan is a second year student of journalism at Christ College, who travels by the airport Volvo bus from Devanahalli to Koramangala. “I prefer to travel in bus number 7 as it stops right outside my college. But it’s very irregular.” While coming back from college, Shravan says that the only stop after Yelahanka is the Bangalore International Airport. “So I have to get down at Yelahanka and take another bus.”

However, Shravan finds the Volvo buses very comfortable. “I have travelled in the BMTC buses a few times and I feel that a major problem with them is that they are not cleaned properly. People spit and litter even inside the buses,” he says.

Shravan’s sister Natasha is a student of Mount Carmel College. “I travel from Devanahalli to Guttahalli and back every day.” She finds most of the buses very irregular. “The timings vary every day and once you get on the bus, you find men occupying the ladies’ seats. They ignore you when you ask them to get up.”

She adds, “Sometimes the conductor doesn’t give you change and asks you to wait till the last stop and you have no choice but to anxiously wait.”

But Natasha also has words of praises for the buses. “They are extremely economical especially for people who stay extremely far. The buses and stops are quite clean unless it rains. Besides, most commuters on the bus are quite co-operative.”

Stella, an administrative staff in a college, has been travelling from Vijaynagar to Corporation daily for the past eight years. “Whenever the buses are crowded, the men try to take advantage of the situation. They letch at the ladies and make obscene gestures. Many times, people get drunk and board the bus. There is no one to check,” she says. “It’s a calm journey if I get a seat, otherwise...,” she laughs. Are the authorities listening?

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